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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crochet Dish Cloths

I had a little time to kill before we went on our latest trip.  With some leftover cotton yarn, I decided to make these cute little dish cloths.  They were very easy.  I used a beginner pattern from here.  This stitch will shrink up some so make your original chain about an inch longer than you want them.  These are about 8x8 inches.  Would make cute baby wash cloths.  I would use 100% cotton yarn and a small hook.  This pattern tends to stretch a bit when wet.  Finish off around the edges with a single crochet.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you still believe? | Joy Dare

Ever read something and have a revelation, an eye-opener, a discovery?

There are times I see or read something that just really makes me think, wakes me up.  Sometimes it's actually something I've always known, but hits me in a different light.  Do you ever wonder if your prayers go unheard or you get an answer that's not what you think you want or need?  We all have, I'm sure, at one time or another questioned God, maybe even screamed at Him....Why!!!  When we get an answer that's not to our liking, do we still believe God is good, that His way is better than ours? 

                    When the diagnosis is chronic and the healing doesn't come...

                    When the spouse walks out the door and doesn't come home...

                    When the prodigal child turns their back and doesn't return...

                    When the desperate couple seek out the physicians and still can't have a baby...

                    When you need the job and it doesn't work out...

How do we handle these situations?  The God of our Faith is bigger than all of these.  When He doesn't answer in a way we expect/desire/need, what are we supposed to do, how should we react.  He is asking us...

                    Do you still believe? 

                    Do you trust me?

He is showing us Mercy when we are not looking for it.  He is working miracles in the midst of the chaos our lives.  Look close for the miracles.  When you were walking through the mess...

                    Did you learn something new about yourself?
                    Did you grow closer to Him?
                    Did your faith grow?
                    Did you help someone else suffering?
                    Did you make a new friend?
                    Did you share your faith with someone else?

He may not have responded as we wanted, but He did respond and you were blessed.

We do not walk these trials alone.  The One who walked trials on earth and died for us all, walks beside us.  We can rest assured ALL things work to our good.

"These trials are only to test your faith, to see whether or not it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests gold and purifies it—and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. It will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day of his return." -1 Peter 1:7
 I've been slow at it this summer, but here are a few of the gifts I counted.
234.  Lazy days at the lake
235.  Sweet watermelon
236.  Sun rays
237.  Swans on the lake
238.  Evening boat rides
239.  English cottages
240.  Country roads
241.  Golden hay fields
242.  England coastlines
243.  A London sunset
244.  Walks through historic villages
245.  Star-filled nights
246.  Snow-capped mountains
247.  Horses in the pasture
248.  A doe feeding in the meadow
249.  River drives
250.  Soothing heat of a natural hot spring
251.  Smell of dried leaves 
252.  Colors of fall
253.  A new friendship
254.  Encouraging words
255.  Candle light
256.  Orange pumpkins

257.  Wind in the trees
258.  Warmth from a fireplace on a cool morning
259.  Laughing so hard you cry
260.  Mercy
261.  Feeling of accomplishment.
262.  Magnificent skylines
263.  Ebony
 264. A new kitten snuggled in your arms

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Govt Shutdown Changes Vacation Plans

The three hour drive to Moab was a beautiful drive along I-70.  We drove along listening to the radio talk shows wondering if we'd be able enter the National Parks we had planned a year to go to.  Arriving in Moab Sunday afternoon, we had an early dinner at a BBQ restaurant and made our way out to Arches National Park.  Unlike many others arriving later in the week, we were fortunate to get that night and the next day in the park before the shutdown closed down all roads accessing the National Parks and Forests.



Delicate Arch

Landscape Arch

One of the Window Arches

 We missed out on seeing the grand Canyonlands National Park, but found some other local attractions and drives to go on through the remainder of our time.  We did change plans, left Moab early and headed to Monument Valley.

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