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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hawaii Art Photography

Art Photos I created after our Hawaii and Washington trip.



Senior Photo Session

Gibby's enthusiasm during her photo session was contagious.  I had so much fun capturing this moment for her.  Have I mentioned I love my job! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dragonflies on Water Lilies

Had an amazing day to myself today.  Used the time to walk the gardens and caught a few dragonflies along the way.  These are the the photos I got done today.  There were more, I'll try to post later.  They really are beautiful and unique little creatures.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They're Engaged!

When your children are growing up, you develop certain expectations of them based on their personalities, etc.  I always pictured Ari getting a degree in some really hard major, making a career and eventually get married.  Well, partly I was right.  After a couple major changes, she has decided on a double major in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.  Wow...I know, but nothing less than I expected from her.  However, when she came to us in March and told us her and Anthony had been talking about getting engaged and not to be surprised if he called, I WAS surprised.  I knew that they had hit it off right away and that they seemed to be a good match.  Well, we waited through the summer wondering if it was actually going to happen.  Finally, 10:30 one night she calls..."mom, I'm engaged!"  The next few weeks are a blur.  They want a January wedding!!  OK...I'm counting...that's only 5 months!  They made a trip home and we hit the road planning.  In that weekend, we contract the reception venue, buy a wedding dress and pick the bridesmaid's dresses, start the wedding website and take their engagement portraits. 

It catches up with me.  I was doing so well...delegator/planner mode...until she tries on the dress for her dad.  I have my meltdown that night, boohooed to John about how we won't be responsible for her anymore...that this is going to be the last big thing we'll ever do for her!   All John can say is, "She'll always be ours" and "why are you crying?"  The next day isn't much better.  Every time I think about her or the wedding, I get teary-eyed!  I've been a roller coaster of emotions as I go from sheer excitement about the throwing the biggest party of our lives to sadness as I realize the life changes we are experiencing.  I'm trying hard to trust God's plan for her life as we place her in Anthony's hands.  It's hard, as a mom, to let go.  Everything about this wedding is falling into place so easily, I can only believe God is paving the way for a blessed marriage. 

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