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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter 2011

This winter takes me back to my childhood memories of long ago winters when the snow seemed to be around us all the time, well, at least that's how I remember it...snow angels, igloo forts and frosty snow men. We woke up yesterday to a fresh coating of about 4 inches of beautiful white snow. Our neighbor, Pat, was so sweet when he stopped over the day before and asked if I could take some winter pictures for him and offered to pay. I told him I'd love to and, no, payment was not necessary. I've given him two other photos of his bridge in spring and fall and he wanted a winter one to match. So, I went out yesterday and snapped some photos. Now you can imagine that with all that fresh snow, my pictures were pretty "white". So, I decided to spruce up a few and here are the results.

After my little photo session, John and I headed out to Troy for Beki's Show Choir competition.  Unfortunately, they did not place at this competition.  They are a good show choir, but their show is way "out there" and a lot of judges don't like that.  They did really well and deserved to make finals.  I'm a parent and I might be a tad biased.  (wink)

John and I then decided to make a quick stop over to see the eagles, but they weren't cooperating and all I got was a couple distance shots of them sitting in the trees.  Going to have to get out there one day at the crack of dawn, I guess to see them in action.  The pelicans were fun to watch though over by the dam.  They were funny...they'd ride the current down the river then fly back up towards the dam and ride the waves back down again.  And I sure could have used that 200 or 300 zoom lense!

Eagle landing in top of the tree

 Coming in for a landing

Pelicans riding the waves

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