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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Les Miserables

I can't believe it's over...two months of rehearsals and it's all over. Beki had a great time with this production...a time she'll not soon forget. All the hard work sure paid off. I was awed by their professionalism. I went to the dress rehearsal with the intent of taking a few pictures. But 10 minutes into the show, I was so caught up in it I couldn't leave. I left with over 150 pictures and excited about seeing it again. Opening night was so exciting...we all could hardly wait. John and I went to the first show, then my mom and Aunt Bonnie came out to see the second night. Thanks, Atsuko, Aidan, Michelle, Daryl, Jordan and Alice for coming out in support. What can I was wonderful, the acting, the singing, the costumes, the set. Beki is sad it's over, but will look forward to being a part of next year's show. Now she's off to play Ultimate Frisbee for the spring. At least practices won't be everyday. Whew!

Mom and Aunt Bonnie...trip to the Arch

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