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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


How often is it that something happens that really makes you stop and think. Yesterday was one of those days. We learned that a neighbor of ours passed away. At the age of 48, he leaves behind a beautiful wife and 2 teenage boys. We did not know them well, however, our hearts break for them for the grief they must endure.

We go through life taking so much for granted leaving things undone, hurts unforgiven, kind words unspoken, phone calls never made. I know for my family this tragedy has hit a bit too close to home as we all think, "this could have been us." Please take time to let those around you know you care and love them. Tomorrow could be too late. Also pray for this family as they prepare to face the next weeks.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To Move or Not to Move?

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been for us. John had a great start at his new job, but within 3 days things were about to change. He was approached by his new bosses about the possibility of transferring back to St. Louis. After a couple of days of weighing our options, we decided it best to stay put and not move. We girls are ecstatic, John has some lingering doubts, however, I know in the end he will see what a good decision this has been for all of us. God opened the door, He will make it ok. Beki is the one most effected by us staying, she will get to finish high school at one school, what a blessing for her. After much preparation for selling, our house is virtually spotless, clean windows, clean carpets, complete paint touch-up. It's like a brand new house all over again and that's a blessing to me. So for all of you who had yet to see the "Gateway to the West", you still have time to come visit. We are always welcome to visitors!

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