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Monday, February 16, 2009

It's late and I should be in bed, but sleep is evading me as it has been doing lately. Maybe a little stress?! Who knows, anyways, John left Valentines Day and made it safely to his new home in VA. He's renting a room for a mere $1100 a month! Talk about tightening the budget. He begins his new job tomorrow, which is very exciting. I'm sure he will do great as he always does.

The girls and I are holding things together here at home. We have been doing a lot of cleaning getting ready to go on the market. Today was baseboards and there was a lot of them, still didn't finish up. We had a wonderful visitor today. Found him hanging on the outside basement screen. Thank goodness, he was on the outside. This thing was huge--a big, ugly wolf spider. I ran for the Raid and quickly defeated him, then proceeded to use tongs to save him to show Ari, who, of course, is scared to death of spiders. I couldn't resist, if I have to battle these things, they can at least share in my victory!! We confirmed our species with Cameron and he, since Dad is away, got the job of disposing him.

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