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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is all in the Heart

 This Christmas season has been really different for me this year.  Oh, I've done all the usual...
decorated the house, 
put up the tree, 
baked cookies, 
wrapped up gifts.  
But, the difference was not having my girls here to help.  This is the first Christmas my oldest will not be home for Christmas as she will spend the holiday with her new husband.  I got to thinking about our first Christmas away so many years ago.  John and I, on our first Air Force assignment in Sacramento, couldn't make it home for Christmas and I'm sure, now looking back all those years, that our parents were heartbroken as well and maybe a tear or two was shed when they missed our voices and our laughter.  I will miss her, but change must happen and I know that she will miss us too.  Our children will start their own traditions just as we did and I will have to learn to be content to just hear their stories.  No matter where we are, no matter where life takes our children...
Christmas is all in the heart! 


  1. Big (((Hugs))) my beautiful friend!!!

  2. Still shed those tears girl!! They love you just like I knew and know you love me and life is what it is..we must go on till we meet the ONE that Christmas is all about! His JOY to you because it will fill those voids in your ♥ and is not circumstantial, it is everlasting!! Merry Christmas my beautiful, talented, and gifted first born! ♥ MOM


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