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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She's "21"

When your children hit certain milestones, one often wonders where the time disappeared to.  With Ari's 21st birthday, there was no exception.  I'm amazed how fast we have come to this time in our lives and sometimes wish I could push a magic button and stop time.  She's a special young lady, with a heart for God, and compassion for people.  We spent the weekend visiting with her and her husband, Anthony, and Beki.  The weekend really didn't go as planned, life rarely goes as planned!  But, regardless, we had a nice dinner downtown at the Springfield Brewing Co. Restaurant to celebrate. 


Do you ever feel like you could just be swallowed up in sadness?
I miss my girls so much, things just aren't the same without them around.    You know what's the hardest,  it's missing out on the everyday things...
hearing their daily stories, talking and laughing together, just knowing if they are ok or not.
Sometimes I feel like I'm just sitting in a dark room waiting for little glimpses of light.  Waiting for a note or call that says...
"Hey, you're not forgotten." 

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