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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

The weekend came and went, it seems, in a blink.  We spent some time Friday and Saturday nights visiting with neighbors and celebrating birthdays.  John took me to lunch downtown Saturday to one of our favorite cafes, the Benton Park Cafe.   I had a quiet Mother's Day with Beki.  We went back to the Cafe to try their was really good.  We ordered and shared pancakes and a breakfast pizza.  We drove around the Soulard area for a bit and tried to get some pictures of the architecture, we discovered it's not a good picture day on Sundays because all the cars are parked in front of the buildings.
Benton Park Cafe
But we did get a little practice.  Here are a few.

...and Beki took this one.  Isn't it beautiful.  She'll be posting a few more of her pictures on her blog.

The rest of the day was spent me working in Photoshop and Beki working on her group project for Lit.  It was a good day.  I missed not having both of my girls home and being able to spend time with both of them.  Ari will be home soon.  Her first year of college is almost over.

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